Friday, August 04, 2006

Light Animation

Hello friends!

I thought I'd share with with everyone. I was lucky enough to be
asked by my friends KozynDan to be a part of this light animation.

  • Light Animation

  • In case you can't spot me... from top to bottom-

    I'm the "S" in LOS ANGELES

    I'm one of the swirley green lines in the second one.

    I'm the green flying bat in the third one. It was supposed to turn
    into Batman at the end but didn't work out quite right :P

    I'm the green burst of energy on top of Dan's "dude with erection". I
    actually wanted to do a ball bounce, but as you can see, to the left
    some other guy had the same idea. So I had to change it last minute!

    In the last one, I'm the pink swirley thing that turned into a heart
    at the end.

    Good times!

    Thank you for your time!


    belinha said...

    Hello Martin!Never heard about Light Animation before!It's quite a show!:-)

    Mauricio said...

    Hi Martin,

    Great blog! I like so much the illustrations, nice artwork.

    My best

    Jarrett said...

    Very, very solid stuff.

    potato farm girl said...

    Wow, those videos where amazing!

    Tapan Gandhi said...

    Hey! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog! Your stuff is amazing.. i've never heard of light animation before either! Will definately be checking back for updates ;)

    Miyuki Kanno said...

    Hi Martin, your illustrations are so awesome! They are so weird and great;D I like it!

    St John Street said...

    Thanks for the support bro and kind things u said I look forward to what u have up your sleeves next good luck the project stay fresh till next time!!!

    Justin Ridge said...

    Those light animations are a great idea! The "walk-thru" was super cool.

    sharon spotbottom said...

    That's neat and you are a fabulous "S" in los angeles.
    But to me, you are the "C" in chocolate! :)

    Goro said...

    No way!! you where part of this!?
    I'm so jealous! really.
    I did a lot of light painting before but I never got to light animation yet. But I asked a couple of guys at work and we will do a lightanimation session soon! seems like a lot of fun.