Monday, August 27, 2007

Off to Burning Man!

This will be my first time to Buring Man and I'm more than excited! I can't wait for a week of creative explosion in the desert!

Before I take off I wanted to finish these 2 paintings. The first is for the "Off They Flew" show that's coming up on Sept. 8th. The show is a benefit show that will be raising money for the recently burnt down Griffith Park in LA. 100 lasercut bird pieces were handed out and here's my contribution called "From Fire Comes Life".

This painting was super fun! It was nice to paint loosely which is far from what I normally do. Who doesn't like a sake drinking octopus!?

See you guys after the Burn! I will have plenty of pictures to share for sure! :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

"Oni Love"

The opening of the Ninja show at Gallery Nucleus on Saturday was a blast! I saw so many incredible paintings by some serious ninjas!

Here's the painting I did for the show called "Oni Love". Just to clarify the meaning behind it- Oni means demon in Japanese and tigers in Chinese are guardians of the children. They also eat demons and hence the forbidden love. Poor guy.

Here are some pictures from the show for your viewing pleasures!
Ninja show at Gallery Nucleus

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Amazon Horned Toad!

The males get extremely competitive, especially during mating seasons!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Comic Con Rocks!

I'm back from Comic Con! It was fantastic! I think it was definitely the best Con out of the 3 years I've been. My super pal Deb Aoki and I were next to our amazing buddies Pascal Campion and Mike Daley. Our other buddies Vin Teng, Anthony Vu and Eric Dong were right across from us. We were also fortunate enough to be right next to the incredible Jose Lopez and John Nevarez who were incredibly nice. The awesome Whaleboys Taesoo Kim, Ed Acosta and Patrick Morgan were just a table down! I also got to meet other incredible artists like Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera, Robin Mitchell, and the Mukpuddy gang who flew in from Australia! Comic Con brings all of us together!

I'm still trying to finish my painting for the Ninja show coming up on the 11th at Gallery Nucleus so haven't even had the time to look through the moutain of books that I got. I can't wait!!!!!! I'll post the link to all the pictures I took later, but for now, here's one of a bunch of art nerds! Yeah!