Thursday, April 09, 2009

Static Hollow finished

Here's my finished painting for the Street Fighter tribute show at Gallery Nucleus opening 4/25/09!

I remember being that guy who wasn't very good at the game so I'd use characters that have simple attacks. Needless to say, Blanka and Chun Li were two of my favorites ^_^.

Thanks to I Am 8bit, Gallery Nucleus, and Capcom for giving us the opportunity to find our inner ST memories! Hope you like it!

Static Hollow
12" X 15"
Acrylic on wood


RAWLS said...

hahah... SO good! Nice work my friend! What was the idea of making Blanka so huge?! Looks great.

Lilo said...

Oh I know all about you :P JK
I have admired your work for a long time.
At that time I worked for Mercuryfilmworks West.
We animated half the season of Ruby.
Now I work for Mercuryfilmworks East. Same diff different city.

Keep up the amazing work.

Chris Battle said...

Yup-Yup!! Chun-Li wuz my go-to-gal as well. Fast 'n' flippy attacks confuse your enemies!!!

Ty Carter said...

Love the design! Awesome work here on your blog

TH3DEN said...

Heya Martin! This Blanca piece looks even more stunning now! Really nice colors and textures, Chun-li looks so cute beside him :D! I'm sure this will catch plenty of attention at the show, best of luck!

Oh and I also liked Shaman King a lot, infact one of my characters was named after one of the characters from the show. :D

Greg said...


chrisallison said...

You rule, Martin!

theNerdPatrol said...

Love it! I just had to feature it in my blog's coverage of the show @ theNerdpatrol!

Martin Hsu said...

Thanks everyone!!!! :D

Meesimo said...

Turned out quite awesome

Miah Alcorn said...

Fantastic stuff Mr.Hsu! You never cease to amaze my man. Thanks for the inspiration! Be blessed buddy!