Monday, January 16, 2012

A series of paintings depicting the adventures of a boy in dragon suit on his way to find his roots in a foreign land. With his kirin dog, Blackie by his side, they travel between reality and fantasy. They fly over the tallest of mountains and dive into the deepest of rivers while making new friends with magical creatures of all kinds. Dragon Boy aims to remind everyone to never forget the joy of being a kid, flying high, and smiling big!

Artist Bio:
Martin Hsu is not a dragon, but a horse. Though he has many great dragons in his family who have inspired him tremendously. Dragon Boy is special and dear to Martin as he often imagines flying over the Yellow River with his childhood dog, Blackie. He hopes Dragon Boy brings joy and happiness to kids of all ages including the one that lives in you.


Xavier Yabut said...

I really like your art style and characters! Great work!

Martin Hsu said...

Thank you Xavier!!! Happy Lunar New Year to you!