Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Dragon Grandpa!

Today is my grandfather's 95th birthday. I'm sad I couldn't be there as he cut the cake in Taiwan, but it's good to know having a big family kept him in good company.

When people ask me about the myths and guardians in my paintings, I get the honor to tell them about grandpa and my other grandparents. True stories about determination and persistence through hardship so that later generations like myself have a paved road to walk on.

Thanks to the iPhone and internet, I got to record a short video of my birthday wishes for him. As I said "bye" at the end of the video, he said "bye" back. See you soon grandpa and thanks for being the dragon in my life!

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Kathy Lorcan said...

Wow! Reaching the age of 95 is never easy!
He deserves nothing but the best!
I like this birthday wishes for grandpa you have for him.
thumbs up for you.~