Sunday, November 11, 2012

Very excited and honored to announce the opening of Unspoken Messages, new works by my buddy Jeremiah Ketner and myself. It’s a personal  body of work I’m very proud of and hope you will enjoy as well.

Martin Hsu Artist Statement:
“A series of intimate paintings inspired by the strong women in our lives who watch over us from near and far. These dynamic figures may seem frail in comparison, but  their spirits  are much larger than life.
Unspoken Messages, all love is left unsaid, but understood.

藝術家Martin Hsu最新原畫創作,靈感來自於人生旅途中不論早期或晚近,全心全意守護著我們的堅強女性們。相較下,這些默默存在的人們也許看似弱小,但她們的精神廣大深遠,無與倫比。
誠心的期許, 真情流露,盡在不言中。”


Insightful Boar

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