Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Martin Hsu at Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong, 2017

Peach Moon, Silver Moon, Pink Moon

New goldfish mermaids and peony blossoms for Asia Contemporary Art Show represented by Lans Gallery in Hong Kong

Art Statement:

Eight goldfish mermaids dance effortlessly in an everlasting cycle of happiness in each of Pink Moon, Peach Moon and Silver Moon.

Glorious peony blossoms represent great maternal spirits at the center of a good life. It is surrounded by goldfish mermaids symbolizing an abundance of good fortune and prosperity. They are beautiful blessings beyond time and space in pursuit of peace and harmony.

By entering these primordial portals, we step into the brilliance and
transience of life.

Peach Moon, Silver Moon, Pink Moon
20" x 20" acrylic and cel vinyl on wood, 2017
by Martin Hsu

Friday, March 10, 2017

Cats and Sakura

Cats and Sakura

New original artwork celebrating cherry blossoms and the arrival of Spring

4" x 6" acrylic and cel vinyl on paper

matted and framed with glass

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