Friday, May 24, 2019

Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Group Exhibition by Sanrio at Corey Helford Gallery, LA

Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Exhibition

Official event by Sanrio at Corey Helford Gallery, LA

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 29th, 7p-11p, 2019

Exhibition: June 29th - August 3rd, 2019

'Hello Kitty Kannon, Goddess of Mercy and Wisdom'

24 x 48" acrylic and cel vinyl on wood panel

New work by Martin Hsu

Hello Kitty Kannon is a celestial masterpiece that perfectly represents

Martin Hsu's Contemporary Traditional Art. It pays homage to 17th century 

classical Asian art, one of its masters, Ito Jakuchu and

the Patron Saint of Cute, Hello Kitty.

Kannon, or Guan Yin, is a Bodhisattva who prolonged her own enlightenment to 

help everyone who suffers in this world. She often appears in white gowns,

the color of purity and holds a lotus flower to remind us that

the purest flower can grow from mud and unpleasantness. 

At times, the Kannon is portrayed in traditional art standing with a mighty peacock

whose tail feathers resemble eyes that help her see the suffering in our world.

For her 45th Anniversary, Hello Kitty is mythologized as the

Goddess of Mercy and Wisdom in Martin Hsu’s painting.

Her light transcends borders and brings joy across the globe.

Her wisdom breaks down barriers and connects people from different cultures.

Above all, Hello Kitty shines as a pop culture beacon in a world filled with

uncertainty, where ‘cute’ might just save us all.

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