Monday, March 13, 2023

That's A Wrap! A Closing Statement ❤️


Hi everyone,

I hope you're doing grrreat!

After almost 4 weeks, my solo exhibition 'Holst's Planets' came down this weekend.

Here's one last look at my cosmic messengers in their entirety...

While it was bittersweet to take each and every one of them off the wall...

I was filled with a tremendous sense of joy, gratitude and pride.


All goes up must come down

It feels like such a privilege to have a solo show in our competitive industry and uncertain market.

It takes the gallery/curator much more than faith to provide the space and resources for one single artist to tell their story.

I have always loved having solo shows... but why?

The reason became very clear to me this time around - because I love telling stories.

In fact, I think I love telling stories more than painting.

Stories about cosmic messengers of awe and wonder.

Stories that retrace steps on my personal path.

Stories that celebrate great maternal spirits in our lives.

I've been told to have a handful of different 'styles' or approaches to my work.

I remember feeling extremely insecure about it at the beginning of my career.

Nowadays, I feel GRRREAT about it.

There may come a day, perhaps in my 80's, when I only paint one thing in one style.

But for now, I LOVE the experience of learning about things/beings I care about and people I love.

I love knowing what my interests are.

And I love the immediacy of being attracted to something that sparks my interest.

It could happen anywhere. I just need to pay attention and be open to receive its wonder.

I am proud to have brought these galactic dreamers to our world and happy to have had the opportunity to share them with you.

Available pieces are on view in my online store now.

May they continue to inspire peace, love and harmony.

Lastly, let's give it up to the folks who are in charge of the best Artist In Residence!


Four Seas, One Family

No matter which of the fours seas you come from, we are one big family. The human family.

As always, thanks for reading and staying connected.

Many thanks and much love from Taiwan.

Talk soon! ❤


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