Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Happy 81st Birthday, Hayao Miyazaki-sensei!

This photo is SO BOSS!

A very happy and healthy 81st birthday to Hayao Miyazaki-sensei. May he make all the movies for another 100 years. I can't wait to watch his upcoming animated feature, How Do You Live? (きみたちはどういきるか) named after the 1937 novel written by Yoshino Genzaburo. 

Also, can we talk about Toshio Suzuki? The genius producer and marketing mastermind behind all of the Studio Ghibli movies. I often think about what he said in the documentary Kingdom of Dreams and Madness -

"We make our best work when working with people we enjoy working with." 

It's something I try to live by.

That, and slippers with socks.

Long Live Ghibli!


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