Monday, January 31, 2022

Hello from Quarantine in Taiwan. Happy Lunar New Year!

 Happy Lunar New Year from Taiwan, my friends!

Yes, it's true. I am writing you this message in my parents' house in Taiwan from the future. How are things with you?

Today is my 10th day in quarantine at home with just 4 more days until I'm let out to eat all the things. I'm happy to report that my flight to Taiwan and the first 7 days of quarantine at a hotel (photos below) have not been terrible at all.

Especially, when hot coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and Mama Hsu's gourmet bento boxes are delivered to my doorstep everyday!

Not to mention the endless supply of Taiwanese snacks that kept arriving from my family.

Including my personal favorites - 太陽餅 'Sun Pastry', 松子酥 (dome shaped flaky pastry w/ pine nuts and sweet red bean paste), and pineapple cakes.

And yes, I ate everything!

With a luxurious amount of free time in quarantine, I've been binge watching lots of fantasy shows (my favorite genre) with knights, swords, sorcery, and mages!

Which led to this new series of daily watercolor explorations of feathered muses among other fantastical creatures to ring in the new year~

You'll find these 1/1 small paintings in my online store now. My goal is to continue this daily exploration so your support is greatly appreciated!

Please meet my new assistant, Kayla! :D

Kayla is an incredible artist attending art college in San Francisco. She is helping me with shipping and looking after my studio while I'm away. I can't wait to see what she creates in this space. Please say hi to her if you happen to place an online order!

Free Lunar New Year E-Cards!

I made 5 Lucky Tiger E-Cards for you to download and share with friends and family: Good Health, Happiness, Safety, Vitality, and Wellness.

Simply go here to grab your favorites. Originals up for grabs in online store!

Feel free to keep in touch! I'll do the same during my stay here for the next two months.

Be well and happy Lunar New Year, my friends!

With love and gratitude,

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